Reducing Costs
through Innovation

Increasing Production
through Technology

Protecting the Environment
through Ingenuity

Chemical-Free, Industry Proven Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Clean water is in higher demand than ever before. With the rapid advancement of industry, the ability to reclaim and reuse water is essential to a prosperous and healthy future.

With this higher demand, however, comes increased environmental regulations, operating costs, and greater necessity for effective wastewater management.

Finding new and better ways to generate clean water is not just important for the earth, it is essential to the success of businesses, municipalities, and civilizations around the globe.

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Meet Prescott Clean Water Technologies

Prescott Clean Water Technologies is an innovative, U.S.-based clean water technology company driven to improve water resources in industries around the globe. Our powerful, advanced technologies provide chemical-free, fully transportable wastewater recycling solutions for customers in agriculture, energy, industrial, mining, municipal, marine, food and beverage, and more.

Dedicated to solving critical water recovery, water treatment, and water recycling challenges, Prescott helps customers protect their assets and reduce risks.

Features & Technologies

At Prescott Clean Water Technologies, we understand that clean water is the most critical component in the production process, and that limited water resources and environmental regulations can hinder the growth of industry and civilizations. Our industry-leading Ecosphere equipment and Ozonix® technologies, coupled with our experienced scientists and technicians, allow us to provide effective solutions that reduce costs and increase production, while protecting the environment.

Our product and technology features include: