Prescott Clean Water Technologies

Prescott Clean Water Technologies offers proven wastewater recycling solutions that are cost-effective and efficient across various industries worldwide.

Leveraging the Ecosphere patented Ozonix® technology, a chemical-free, high-volume, environmentally-safe water treatment system proven to be highly effective in water recovery and recycling.

As more and more industries rely on water recovery and treatment processes to remain competitive, Prescott offers affordable water treatment solutions that meet the demands of the market.

Over the last 3 years, Prescott has been the largest purchaser of Ecosphere’s Ozonix® equipment and technology. Ecosphere’s patented technology has received top innovation, engineering, technology, and energy awards over the past decade.

Prescott Clean Water Technologies, through the Ozonix® technology, utilizes an innovative combination of ozone, cavitation and electrochemical processes that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria in water. In addition, Ozonix® eliminates the need for chemical biocides, scale inhibitors, and friction reducers, with a significantly faster disinfection time.


  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Mining
  • Food & Beverage

Discover How Ozonix® Works

The Ozonix® technology leveraged by Prescott Clean Water Technologies is a patented Advanced Oxidation Process that oxidizes and destroys micro-organisms, while generating no harmful disinfection byproducts. As water cycles through the Ozonix® system, bacteria cell walls are destroyed and contaminants are oxidized, returning clean water that is ready for re-use. The Ozonix® process is comprised of four phases: Ozone Oxidation, Hydro Cavitation, Acoustic Cavitation, and Electrochemical Oxidation.

1. Ozone
Ozone oxidizes a wide range of pollutants including bacteria and heavy metals. Ozone purifies water 3000 times faster than chlorine, can be generated on site, and does not require storage.
2. Hydro Cavitation
Hydrodynamic cavitation is a physiochemical process that converts ozone into hydroxyl radicals. When combined, ozone and cavitation disinfect water three times faster than chlorine.
3. Acoustic Cavitation
Acoustic cavitation also converts ozone to hydroxyl radicals, removing biofilms by breaking down bacteria clusters. When combined with electrochemical oxidation, it has a multiplier of 2-3x.
4. Electrochemical Oxidation
Electrochemical oxidation successfully removes sulfides, nitrogen species, and up to 99% of iron in water sources, and has proven to remove calcium carbonate (a primary source of scaling) from water.



















Features & Benefits

  • High Volume
  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally safe Oxidant
  • Scaleable
  • Versatile
  • Patented & Proven
  • Life Sustaining

Introducing the Ozonix® Sentinel

The world’s first non-chemical water treatment solution for cleaning up endangered rivers and lakes of the world. Designed around the multi-patented and proven Ozonix® water treatment technology, the Sentinel is the first water treatment vessel of its kind to be able to treat high-volumes of water in rivers, lakes, lagoons and estuaries that have been contaminated as a result of manmade and natural events.

The Ozonix® Sentinel comes in two size configurations, a 12m and a 30m vessel

1. High Volume
A single Ozonix® Sentinel has the ability to process thousands of gallons of contaminated water per minute - enriching lakes and rivers with a highly oxygenated fluid that is capable of destroying persistent algae blooms and highly resistant bacteria colonies.
2. Cost Effective
The Ozonix® Sentinel is the most cost-effective, dynamic treatment solution for treating very large bodies of water and precious natural resources that have been contaminated as a result of excessive nutrient loading from agricultural runoff and industry generated wastewaters
3. Environmentally Safe Oxidant
The patented Ozonix® technology produces highly reactive bacteria killing hydroxyl radicals (OH-). Hydroxyl radicals are important to water disinfection because they have a high oxidation potential of 2.80V, which is much higher than the most common disinfectants, Ozone (2.07 V) and Chlorine (1.36 V)
4. Scaleable
Due to its high-volume, low-footprint configuration, the technology can be scaled up and down to meet a wide range of volume requirements.
5. Versatile
The Ozonix® Sentinel has been designed utilizing a modular construction technique that allows Ecosphere to assemble a wide variety of different size configurations for different types of treatment scenarios.
6. Patented & Proven
The multi-patented Ozonix® technology is protected by 23 approved and pending United States patents and has been successfully proven on over 5 billion gallons of water treated to date.
7. Life Sustaining
Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) measures the ability of a lake or river to cleanse itself or break down contaminants such as algae blooms, dead plants, animals waste by products and industrial pollution. In general, the higher the ORP value, the healthier the lake or river is. Ozonix® takes low ORP fluid (0-200) and turns it into a high ORP fluid (300-500) which in return brings lakes and rivers back to life.

The Ozonix Sentinel Range


Over the last 3 years, Prescott has been the largest purchaser of Ecosphere’s Ozonix® equipment and technology. Ecosphere’s technology has received the following awards: