Prescott Clean Water Technologies

Prescott Clean Water Technologies is a subsidiary of Prescott Hamilton International, a privately held international consulting, operations, and logistics company headquartered at 450 Park Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY, USA. Prescott Hamilton International was founded on the idea of bringing together experienced, high-level personnel within each required discipline and matching them with in-house facilities to enable the execution of even the largest, most complicated projects.

As an innovative, U.S. based clean water technology company driven to increase access to clean water around the globe, we can provide scalable, chemical-free, fully transportable wastewater recycling solutions for customers in agriculture, energy, industrial, mining, municipal, marine, food and beverage, and more.

Dedicated to solving critical water recovery, water treatment, and water recycling challenges for major industries worldwide, Prescott Clean Water Technologies helps customers protect their assets and reduce risks. The industry experts at Prescott work carefully with the world’s leading environmentalists and scientists to find the most sensitive and efficient ways to complete every project, while taking into consideration the social impact on the region.

Two point one billion people lack safe drinking water at home, and more than twice as many lack safe sanitation. In the U.S. and around the world, rivers, lakes and oceans are becoming increasingly contaminated. At Prescott, we believe that education is a large part of the solution, and we are dedicated to informing the world about clean water. With the rapid advancement of industry and the growth of the world’s population as a whole, the industry experts at Prescott Clean Water Technologies believe that increased access to clean water is essential to a prosperous and healthy future.

With the increasing demand for clean water comes increased environmental regulations, operating costs, and a greater demand for effective wastewater management. Finding new and better ways to generate clean water is not just important for the earth, it is essential to the success of businesses, municipalities, and civilizations around the globe.